In The Beginning

Have you ever wanted to have a place where you can go to see and hear a bunch of really cool looking pedals?  But not just stock images of pedals and pro players making every pedal sound good.  A place where you could take a close up look at the art both inside and out of the pedal and then hear true unfiltered and unprocessed sounds from that pedal.  If that sounds like your kind of place then you are home.  Welcome to Effect-O-Rama

Get a close up and inside out view of your favorite pedals.

Here at Effect-O-Rama we will never be posting stock images of effects pedals.  We only shoot our favorite gear that we’ve bought and paid for and enjoy ourselves.  We like to shoot both the exterior and interior of the pedals to show off the real artistry so many pedal makers have (though if you are maker that doesn’t want your pedal gutshots shown, just drop us a line and we will be glad to only post the exterior). We don’t do sponsored content, though if a maker (or fan) wants to send us a pedal to check out if we like it we will gladly feature it and talk it up, and if not we’ll send it back with a kindly thank you and you wont find it featured on our pages.

Giving you raw, unfiltered, unedited, true sounds straight from the pedal to your ears.

We know there are tons of amazing pedal demo experts that can outplay our artists hands down.  We aren’t a team of amazing musicians that will blow your mind with crazy solos.  What we are is a group of gear nerds that really want demos that give you an honest unfiltered and un-equalized representation of the sounds you will hear from the pedals we demo.  We run all of our pedals through a clean Swart ST-45, Benson Chimera and/or a Victory Copper to give you the cleanest pure tones we can get.  We feel that those three amps give you a sonic range that covers most every territory (though for you metal heads we may also throw in a 5150 or a MT-15 every now and then).